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Perk up a pal!

This spring we've teamed up with our pals at Manns Cookies to provide a reminder to #checkyourself, with a delicious homemade treat AND a donation to our força - strength against cancer charity.

Perk up a pal three images of ladies and girls holding breast style cookies

It's been a tough year and many of us haven't seen beloved friends and family members for months.

At the same time, many have delayed visits to the doctor, fearing the medical profession is already overwhelmed with coronavirus. According to the British Journal of Cancer (BJC) "There is an observed shortfall of just under 4000 breast cancers diagnosed and treated in January–June 2020 compared to 2019."

It is so important to check your boobs regularly - and in fact, pay attention to any changes in your body.

Check your boobs!

The Manns Cookies 'Check your BOOBS' box is the perfect way for you to remind your friends to check themselves. Share the importance of checking your boobs regularly and have a laugh as you enjoy some boob-style cookies. Choose to send 6 or 12 original Manns Cookies, decorated with a variety of different chocolate and sweet nipple-shaped toppings!

The cookies are parcelled up and posted direct, with an important keepsake reminder card inside to check your boobs regularly and be alert to changes! Our friends already have these pinned to their noticeboards, stuck on their fridges, and hooked onto their bathroom mirrors to give them a daily reminder...

20% of sales of the cookies will be donated to the força strength against cancer charity and therefore will help people living with cancer in Hampshire and Dorset through the most difficult of times.

Manns Cookies Check Your Boobs 6 cookies in box


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